About Ashley

Writing is in my blood. It's in my very nature. To become a successful, influential writer in the 21st century...that is the ultimate dream. The BIG ambition. The end game.

I had no choice but to become a writer. I grew up in a fairly average, though no where near normal, family. My parents were of the hippy-era. And my brother, one year younger than I, a crazy, high-maintenance ball of energy and diagnosed with ADHD. He was always in the middle of everything and everyone. Burning brightly, and often too hot, in the spotlight. 

Attention was something I did not seek, at least not consciously. I stood in the shadows, wanting nothing but peace and quiet after spending a hectic day with my family. Often times I took to drawing as my creative outlet. But when middle school came around, writing became my muse. 

Inspired by ancient stories and Japanese cartoons, I produced my first short story. One hundred pages in length, it was about a girl who found herself immersed in a world where ancient animal gods fought for power. Though I never did see the story through to the end, it was only the beginning to what would be a life-long journey...

High school was where I truly found myself as a writer. Encouraged by teachers and peers, my style and language prospered. Not only did I become more skilled with MLA and APA formats, but I started having more ideas, more crazy stories bursting into my head. This was also when I discovered the basis to what would become a multi-year writing process...my very first full-length novel.

I believe words are important. They can influence anyone, anywhere. They can start wars, and end them. They can fill people with hope. With love. And bring them sadness. Words can allow one to feel empathy, which is often forgotten in today's world. 

I want to encourage others with my writing. To inspire them. To motivate them to dream. To achieve things bigger than themselves. I want to push people to think differently. To consider new points of views. And to dare them to live.